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Totality Platform is the perfect solution for your IT, mobile and web
development needs. We partner with startup and growth company's
like yours to deliver cost-effective custom solutions to help you scale.
We do this at pricing you can afford, reliability you can count on. We
are US based and have our own team.

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How Can We Help?

Guaranteed response within one business day!

How Can We Help?

Guaranteed response within one business day!

Who We Are

We have over 20 years experience providing best-in-class, custom mobile and web application development, and IT outsourcing services.
The founders of Totality Platform have previously done their own technology startups and successfully exited.
We understand the need to have an IT Partner who can provide hands-on service from a blend of highly-skilled onshore
US based and offshore development teams, including developers, testers, strategists,
digital marketers and designers.

5 reasons to choose Totality Platform

100% Aligned

20+ years’

Eastern Time Zone


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Financial Terms

Our Partners

What We Do

Mobile Development

We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach
but will work with you, from concept to
deployment, to develop elegant custom
software solutions that will fully meet your
business objectives.

Custom Web Application Development

We’ll collaborate with you to deliver
enterprise web applications that’ll meet all
your requirements and deliver the results
you expect. Often, the apps we create
become the core of our clients’ businesses.

IT Strategy & Consulting

From technical architecture to tech
stack, we’ll provide suggestions on how to increase your technology efficiencies
and remove any roadblocks hindering
your productivity.

IT Staff Augmentation

If you need additional IT resources and are struggling to find good talent, we’ll help you build a highly talented and easily scalable software development team. Quickly hire the right tech talent for your project without any hassle and at a reasonable cost.

Automation Transformation

We’ll boost your organization efficiency by
helping task automate your enterprise. We
are workflow and project management
specialist for the Monday.com platform

Professional Services

Our team of experts will work closely with
you to provide creative content, email
campaigns that converts, social media
reach, optimized search engine organic
rankings and highly visible search engine
marketing results.

Tools and Technologies We Use

Web Applications

Our development teams, have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, use agile methodologies
and project management tools, to create powerful mobile and web applications.



Express js



Javascript Development

We are a skilled software development company using the latest and the
best front end JavaScript frameworks.





CMS & Ecommerce

We are a US based company that have our own team of developers, both on and offshore. We can develop your e-commerce
platform or website using Wordpress or with our custom content modules to help you rapidly scale.


Custom Ecommerce

Industries We Specialize In

We’ll bring the most innovative technologies to your vertical with our industry specific solutions.

We offer a broad range of specialized hospitality and travel software, sales and marketing support tools and technologies designed to improve customer experience, streamline workflow

We provide custom software engineering for connected devices, industrial IoT ecosystems, and smart infrastructure solutions.

Our custom fintech solutions are designed to offer a superior user experience while keeping your customer data safe and secure.

Our Insurance tech solutions will enable your agents to manage claims processes efficiently, rapidly and with maximum adherence to security requirements

Your e-commerce site is your digital storefront and we’ll help you create a more engaging online shopping experience, introduce “sticky” mobile e-commerce apps and facilitate greater insight through more robust big data analytics.

“I am working with the team at Totality Platform on the development of my booking engine website. The team is very thorough, structured and accommodating throughout the development process. They are very easy to work with, understood my needs, provided helpful advice as well as made me feel very comfortable.”

Nelly Gedeon


“We needed additional IT resources and we decided our best option was to outsource a development team. Not only were they super efficient but they were such a great partner they truly became part of our team.”

Greg Rollins

CEO, Stay Righteous

“Totality Platform has been key in supporting the launch of our e-learning custom application; from architecture, design, to test and maintenance. We look forward to our continued relationship and collaboration for years to come.”

Lukas Simianer

CEO, Clusiv

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