Channel Force

With over 400 partners in the global hospitality market and ease of use to manage yield, Channel Force can drive your revenues in the right direction.

In a world where it has never been more critical to efficiently manage yield and distribution channels, hotels around the world start to look to re-open their doors, comes the realization high occupancy may be a thing of the past. It’s time for hoteliers to re-evaluate the tools you are using to manage yield and distribution channels.

When you are faced with balancing the demand from travel companies for massive discounts against the tighter margins of operating at lower occupancy, Channel Manager can help you make the right decisions for your unique business.


Key Features


Adjust rates in multiple currencies and set rules triggering changes during periods of peak demand.

Our user-friendly interface enables updates to all rate plans and selected channels.


Enjoy the convenience of a single point of command for all your distribution channels.

Channel Force is synchronized with over 400  channels to help you reach a  global market.


Channel Force lets you seamlessly partner with OTAs, wholesalers, PMSs, RMSs, CRSs, GDSs, mobile apps, meta searches and of course, BookingForce.