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The HKEEPER software program is a powerful tool hoteliers are looking to in the months ahead as we reopen for business. While the world has changed, your goals have not. Increasing revenue, controlling costs and building relationships with customers will always be at the top of your agenda. As we experience this global pandemic, it’s critical to maintain a pivotal approach to business. Nothing will be the same. So you need to think strategically to achieve your goals and overcome every challenge that comes your way.

HKEEPER is a definitive first step in a brighter new direction.


Covid-19 Compliant

While there are no global standards set for being COVID-19 Compliant, it’s essential to make sure you adhere to government guidelines and also embrace guest expectations, which can never be underestimated. Attempting to re-open a hotel after this unprecedented lockdown without sophisticated planning software is a significant ask.

HKEEPER is a robust, intuitive solution with superior planning and scheduling capabilities resulting in reduced physical touchpoints. Although not specifically designed for Covid-19, it naturally lends itself to dealing with many of the questions raised by the pandemic and moving forward successfully.
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Increase REVPAR

HKEEPER will help you to plan everything in the back of house. From scheduling staff tasks to managing cleaning product inventory, repairing air-conditioning units to responding to both guest and management requests, HKEEPER uses a sophisticated communication system that can be moderated at any time. Using smartphones and the HKEEPER app, this brilliant staff and guest communication system opens the doors to building ancillary revenue and boosting your REVPAR.

All add on sales, including room service, spa treatments, tours and excursions can all be dynamically packaged and sold/promoted within your “back of house”. This is great because you can incentivise all staff to make sales along with your frontline teams.
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Cost Control

Every hotel operator and manager knows there is a great deal of money to be lost “Back of House”. “Shrinkage” of household cleaning goods, workshop stores, light bulbs and plumbing parts is rife, whether through wastage or pilfering. What’s important is a robust control system that can calculate daily needs and allow correct requisitioning and returns.

HKEEPER is the perfect solution to these problems.


  • Easily manage all physical goods used and/or discarded in the hotel
  • Keep track of supplies in your warehouse by classification of items and completed transactions
  • Maintain and access your vendor list and contact information all in one place
  • Automatically monitor varying pre-set amounts of materials allocated by room type, room occupancy, and task type.  Everything is accounted for in HKeeper
  • Easily track deliveries and distribution to storage through the transaction function
  • Receive descriptions of the movements of any resources inside the hotel through each transaction report
  • Export your data whenever you want

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How is HKEEPER Different?

HKeeper is a real time task management solution allowing you to control your property at a glance and with ease through a browser or a smartphone.

With multiple features, HKeeper allows you to organize your daily operations and projects. Saving time, energy and money while recognizing negative trends and improving workflow and productivity is the goal—and we have the solution.


Sign up for HKEEPER now and use it 100% free until October 31st 2020

Start certifying your rooms and public areas today.

Since we implemented HKeeper, the time to administrate task assignments and obtaining reports decreased by 30%. The inventory control process has aided in preventing the overstocking of supplies in the warehouse without increasing our expenditures. At the same time, HKeeper has helped our hotels to improve department task performance in terms of quality and reduced time spent on tasks. Workflow automation has significantly improved guest satisfaction as well. Overall, HKeeper has been a game-changer for APX Hotels Apartments and has taken us to another level of efficiency and has created a safer environment for staff and guests.

Tasi Rajaratnam, Financial Controller; APX Hotels