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Since we implemented HKeeper, the time to administrate task assignments and obtaining reports decreased by 30%. The inventory control process has aided in preventing the overstocking of supplies in the warehouse without increasing our expenditures. At the same time, HKeeper has helped our hotels to improve department task performance in terms of quality and reduced time spent on tasks. Workflow automation has significantly improved guest satisfaction as well. Overall, HKeeper has been a game-changer for APX Hotels Apartments and has taken us to another level of efficiency and has created a safer environment for staff and guests.

Tasi Rajaratnam, Financial Controller; APX Hotels

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The HKEEPER software program is just one of many tools that hoteliers will look to in the months ahead as we reopen for business. Our goals haven’t changed of course. Increasing revenue, controlling costs and building relationships with our customers will never be far from our agendas. However, this pandemic has made take a pivotal approach to business. Nothing will be the same. We need to be smarter to achieve our goals.

HKEEPER is one step in that direction.