Hello Hotel General Managers

Create a memorable experience for your guests and get FREE photography for your property!

How it works? There’s zero up-front cost. All you have to do is place a link for Shoot My Travel on your website.

When your clients purchase a “Shoot my Travel” package, we award your hotel credits. These are then exchanged for free photography (up to 20 images) to add to your marketing library.

What is the Shoot My Travel Experience?

It’s simple. Your guest selects one of our photographers in your location. The photographer, who is also an experienced guide with intimate knowledge of their home town and surrounding areas, creates a tour experience in consultation with your guest. During the time exploring the destination, the photographer creates lasting memories in images your guests will cherish.


Professional Photographers

In 500 Locations globally, in 105 Countries, on 6 Continents.

This is how your guests use Shoot My Travel


In a Post Covid World

  • The new protocols imposed on hotels to operate safely will raise the cost of doing business.
  • Every opportunity must be taken to increase REVPAR and reduce expenses, without cutting costs.
  • Shoot My Travel is a very attractive and innovative guest service and will be an easy sell.*
  • Every hotel and resort will need new photography to support re-opening marketing activity.**
  • This allows you to get new professional photography free!

* How many times do people at places of interest need to ask someone to take their picture and hand them their camera? Not such an easy ask in the post-Covid world.

** There will be so many changes to the appearance of property and facilites, new images will be essential.


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