Strategic Consultancy

Leverage our extensive experience and industry connections to achieve your objectives and grow your business. Let us help you tweak and shape your products and messaging to adapt to being B2B or B2B2C. Access our vast network of consultants to match you with the right resource and find out more about how we have helped over 120 startups and enterprise partners over the last 10 years.


Account Management

Our experienced staff spans the world in many timezones and languages. Why worry about Level 1 or 2 support? Allow us to help you simplify the process of managing clients as they come online across the globe. At a fraction of what it would cost you to build out a team, you can stay hyper-focused on the core of your business and we will do the rest.

A successful business is built on strong relationships. The Totality account management team’s background in hospitality solutions spans over 3 decades with a broad concentration in wholesale, distribution and connectivity, OTA, revenue management and SaaS. Our objectives are to help our clients reach their goals by acting as an extension of their sales, marketing and revenue teams. Serving as a day-to-day contact, our account management team maintains client satisfaction and assists you by utilizing the Totality product/service to the fullest extent in order to achieve your revenue targets. Tasked with nurturing and growing your business, our account management team focuses on the latest technologies and trends to bring you the ultimate satisfaction, results and dedication while maintaining a long-time partnership.
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Sales Management

Perhaps you have been trying to sell your product or service to consumers and find it challenging. Have you thought about selling it to hotels? We can help you achieve sales at scale. Find out if your product qualifies and how our highly skilled product sales ambassadors can put you in front of tens of thousands of hotels in our database worldwide. We take the stress out of cold calling, database marketing, demos, proposals and contracting.

The pulse and heart of Totality, our dedicated and experienced sales team, encompasses an entrepreneurial and results-driven ideology. We operate with the purpose of identifying client needs and personally crafting the solutions that will influence the path to identifiable and measured revenue goals.  With a combined background in hospitality technology spanning 50+ years, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to excellence in presenting proven solutions that boost top-line revenue. From distribution to cybersecurity solutions to revenue management, we perform cost-benefit and needs analysis for our clients that are aligned with meeting your immediate requirements.  By keeping abreast of best practices and promotional trends, our sales teams will deliver products and services that ensure you reach your growth targets.
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